Social Media Marketing

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Stand Out with Smashing Strategies

Social media is more than just a space to meet and greet friends; it is the most influential and significant virtual platform to digitally advertise brands and products to billions worldwide.

Techtadd assists its clients to gather potential clientele from the millions of active monthly users of these digital forums through dynamic paid ads and social media marketing. With carefully devised strategies and methods, we guarantee you the maximum number of potential buyers compared to print or television media marketing. Social media is a failproof marketing tool to ensure the reach and visibility of your website to the masses all over the map.

Reach Out to the Targeted Audience

Conducts extensive Audience Research that allows you to focus and reach out directly to your targeted audience.

Engagement with New Business Prospects

Regular posts with relevant contents to reach a bigger audience and enhance site engagements.

Live Interaction with Clients

Instant replies to queries and messages to keep the target audience engaged with the brand.

Establish Social Links

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn play a significant role in building online marketing. At Techtadd, we develop the latest strategies and schemes to create effective marketing for our clients’ brands.

Social Media Brand Positioning

Reach your potential customers by establishing a distinctive position for your brand amongst your competitors.

Social Media Content Creation

Relevant and unique contents that engage your audiences and focus on enhancing your online presence (blogs, post, videos).

Social Media Advertising

Advertise your products and services to your target audience through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads and other platforms to increase the reach and conversion rates

Social Media Lead Generation

One of the overlooked areas, lead-generation through different social media platforms is essential to grab potential consumers' attention and convert them into sales

Reach Out to the Masses

The current trend in the field of marketing, Social media, is stealing hearts with its maximum results production, low investment, ease of access and popularity.


Techtadd provides its brands:

Social Media Live Chat Sessions

Live interaction with customers as we believe every visitor is a potential customer.

Social Media Monitoring

The best monitoring service to analyse the experiences and insights of the customers and understand what’s going on.