About Techtadd

 A Digital Marketin Agency that works on a global scale to increase your online presence, Perform market research, Integrate your online profiles and platforms.

A Bunch of Enthusiastic & Creative Minds

Techtadd is a collective of digital enthusiasts, designers, and developers who strive to set a new trend in the industry by providing the most competent digital marketing and branding strategies to help your business run more smoothly. We build designs based on concepts you sculpted in your head, adding that unique touch from our professionals. Techtadd helps your business grow by implementing cutting-edge digital marketing technology and solutions.

Customer focused strategies and design concepts.

Revenue generation and user engagement plans

Charting company growth via new metrics

Establishing a strong foothold in the industry

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Customised Marketing Plans

We understand that each company is distinct, hence each company need its own marketing strategy. We develop customised Digital Marketing plans and strategies for each firm, concentrating on the needs and success of our clients.

Professional Expertise

The team is lead by digital marketing and coding experts that have a track record of garnering positive feedback for their work. Our group of professionals envisions complements in the fields of web/app development, branding, and digital marketing.

Our Services

Our services include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Designing and much more.


We offer scalable and high-quality digital marketing services to a wide range of industries, including small enterprises and major organisations.

Our Vision

We carry the commitment of  delivering data-driven strategies and bottom-line results from beginning to end, supporting you in sparking growth through personalised marketing solutions.

Our team isn’t simply focused on marketing. Every action we take begins with a strategy. We start with the results you want and then work out how to get there, because tactics are only a means to a goal.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our Company offers you the most affordable and productive digital marketing plans.

SEO help’s you to boost Google Ranking of the websites and increase the organic traffic. With the right SEO strategy you can rank from nothing to something by getting qualified organic and website leads.

Social media has a vital role in the business marketing. It helps to connect with our targeted audience, to get qualified leads and to boost our sales. With the unique social media campaign we can drive our company’s sale to the peek.

We can do competitor analysis and find out the kings in our area, and can plan strategies to improve. We can introduce our own unique plans to up-lift our company’s consumers and to boost our products.